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The Dancing Bones community offers free tenting and fresh water to people hiking thru on the Appalachian Trail. We also have a couple of indoor options if you're looking for something cushier. Please refer to our "visit" page for more information. If you're lucky, you might even get a ride into town, a shared meal and/or wicked good conversation. At peak season, it is extremely buggy in these parts and we have a fairly steep driveway.... Welcome to the Whites! :-)

We are located 1.4 miles off the AT. Turn left down Cape Moonshine Rd from Ore Hill (south bound) or right from Mt Cube/Atwell Hill trail (north bound). On your way, you should pass the Wentworth Baptist Church. If you don't, you've turned the wrong way. Look for a driveway with a delivery shed and a yellow sign with black lettering that says 33 Dancing Bones Rd.

Find our listing in AWOL's A.T. guide and Thru-Hiker's Companion.