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All the events listed on this page are open to the public, including our business meetings which are currently every Sunday @ 11am.

All business meetings are followed up by a shared meal. Need a food suggestion? Bring something *you* like to eat.

Every Winter and Summer Solstice we have a ritual fire circle in honor of the changing season. The ritual is a simple one and inclusive to all. Join us!

Please sign up for our Friends of Dancing Bones Community Newsletter for updates or better still, contact us if you'd like to be involved! dancingbones.community@gmail.com

In the past, Dancing Bones has hosted a number of events. For nine years, we held an annual, week long dance camp. Other events we've hosted include weekly public circle dancing, a wedding, concert, memorial service, birthing ceremonies and countless birthday parties. Dancing Bones residents are always open to interacting with the greater community and hosting local events. For more information contact dancingbones.community@gmail.com