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Spring 2016

Last spring, we broke ground on our Water Building. We gathered work parties together every weekend until November, when we buttoned up the structure for the winter. We also ran out of money :-/ and there's still plenty to do: wellhead, wiring, plumbing, windows, insulation, flooring, siding, walls and fixtures. So we will continue construction as the funds become available!
The Water Building is one of two buildings that will take the place of our current Community Building. It will be the utilities hub of the community. The second building will sit kitty-corner to the Water Building and function as the events center of the community.

We've decided to incorporate PERMACULTURE methods into our landscape. Picture things like edible forest gardens and a duck pond! So we're seeking someone to help design and implement these plans. If interested, send an e-mail to dancingbones.community@gmail.com.

Living in community, you learn that membership ebbs and flows but no matter what our population, we are *always* seeking new community members. We are looking for adaptable, committed, hearty folk who respect and value the concensus process, open communication and seek interdependence.
Please contact dancingbones.community@gmail.com or call 802.440.1612 for more information and to set up a visit.

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